Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Arrival! Drew Wagner is here!

Our sweet little nephew, Sherra and Pete's son Drew, is almost 1 week old. I finally have some pictures to post. Chris went out to Dallas to see the new "little man" and here are some pics he brought back. So far, Drew is known for liking to sleep ALL day and stay up ALL night which makes for some tired new parents... ha ha. Little cousin Kinley Elizabeth Elliott, our baby girl, will be arriving (hopefully) in less than 4 weeks. Seeing Drew's pictures makes me wish Kinley was already here, but I can wait patiently for a few more weeks, I guess.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nursery is ready.... now just waiting on baby!

We've been super busy these days with all my obsessive projects, a sudden increase in my real estate business, and trying to enjoy as much as possible these hot summer days with Anna Kate. Chris has been at his new job for over a month and our easy days of family quality time seem to have come to an abrupt end as we gear up for all the upcoming transitions our little family will soon face. Anna Kate will be starting to a new school in a couple of weeks, which is a big move for her. She' s very excited about all the cool things she'll be doing at "real" kindergarten. She's only going to K4, but the class I observed at the school was doing "real" work in their class, like learning to read and write and doing more than the playing and coloring she's used to. She is a smart girl for her age (even if I am a biased momma) and I think she's ready for some challenges. She loves meeting new friends and I know she'll do well in K4. As for other news around here, we're just waiting patiently on Kinley's arrival. The due date is still August 15, but we're hoping she'll come a little earlier. We're actually quite ready around here. The nursery is complete, except for her. We're ready to have her come and occupy her new room. I've posted some new pics of the room below, since some of my out of town friends and family asked to see them.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We're still here!

So I've taken a little blogging vacation since I'm now addicted to facebook.... ha ha. I have new pics to post this week and promise I will do so, even if my sister is the only person who still checks my blog... ha ha. I'm sure I'll be back into this very soon when baby Kinley arrives! Stay tuned!