Friday, April 23, 2010

Lately, at the Elliott household......

My little Kinley turned 8 months old...... My how time flies!

The Easter Bunny delivered the goods and we got all dressed up to celebrate our Risen Savior at Bellview Baptist!

A special guest dropped in (Cinderella) to visit my other little princess and a few of her pals on her 5th birthday.

And Kinley turned into a little mermaid (she wanted to match big sis in her Ariel costume... LOL)

That's all for now! That's about all this momma can handle for the month of April!
Hope you all are doing well!
Love, Karen


Jennifer and Brandon said...

OH Karen!!!! This is so cute! Best post ever! :)

The Pruitt's said...

KAREN, I adore the little mermaid costume. I think "Ariel" may need to make an appearance at the recital.. I love it!!!!!!


yes, i agree with them both!

they are both beautiful!

Diane said...

Karen & Chris, ya'll have a beautiful family and I love the little mermaid!