Sunday, August 31, 2008

Roll Tide!!!!

What an exciting game! I watched it on TV with Anna Kate and Carol while Chris got to BE THERE with his dad. I worked today so I had to pass on the opportunity to go to the game, but I'm sure it was even more awesome to be there! I haven't been prouder to be a BAMA alumni than after watching that game. While I was a student at UA our team wasn't so hot, so I've been waiting all these years to see a good comeback for the Tide and I hope this is the start of a great season.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Prayer Request

I didn't think I'd actually be on my third blog post in my first week of blogging, but we had bad news this morning. Chris's grandmother (Jimmy's mom, "Neenie") passed away very early this morning. She had been in the hospital in the ICU since a surgery she'd had back at the end of July. She just never did fully recover and this morning, she passed away. The family is very sad, so please keep the entire Elliott family in your prayers. Thank you.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Dora Night" at the Barons' Game

There's nothing like a little last minute trip to the Hoover Met just in time to see Dora! We don't go to the Barons' games often, but found that it was actually very fun for the family. Laura Faith Beard was in-the-know about a special visit from Dora the Explorer tonight so she called up Anna Kate and well, we just "HAD" to go... Chris and I were pleasantly surprised to find out that we could feed the entire family for $1.25 because tonight was the 25 cent hotdog night, as well.... Woo Hoo! (Momma thought the cheesy fries were excellent too!) When the girls met Dora, it was funny because Anna Kate kept insisting on "high-fiving" Dora while she was signing autographs. Anna Kate was very proud of her autographed ticket stub that we brought home... ha ha.

Anyway, now we have a new place to go entertain the girls besides the Chuck E Cheese germ factory:)

Beginning Blogger!

OK, so I'm REALLY new to this and have resisted for over two years now but I'm afraid to become the "dinosaur" by not jumping on the blogging bandwagon. The first time I EVER read a blog was when those beautiful Hughes boys were born and we watched their earliest days online as we prayed earnestly for them to get to go home from the hospital. I still watch their lives unfold online and have found that although I rarely see them in person, somehow I feel like I know so much about them.

I have followed other blogs and found it to be such a great way to spread prayer requests, give updates on families and praise to God when good things happen to us, and a great way to BRAG on our little brilliant children... ha ha.

So, here it goes.... feel free to offer blogging advice and tricks for me because mine will probably be pretty bland for awhile til I get the hang of it!

Here's my latest photo of my little princess! We were playing in a friend's yard and since the weather was nice I started snapping pictures.