Friday, May 29, 2009

Great News!

Chris just got a FANTASTIC JOB!

I just wanted to thank everyone who has prayed for us during the period of unemployment we just experienced. At the end of February, Chris (as well as many other EBSCO employees) lost his job. It took us by surprise because he'd been "safe" through so many rounds of layoffs there and it was not anticipated that there were still more layoffs to go at that time. We were stunned and scared at the time. What was even more intimidating was the fact that we knew how many other people were looking for jobs right now and the competition is tough! Real estate sales are slower this year than in the past, so my business has suffered this year, as well. I tried not to worry too much about it, because I kept thinking, "At least Chris has a good job." Well, as you can expect, I felt panicked when he told me the news about the layoff on that day back in February. We began praying for God to just LEAD us in this. I have a tendency to want to think I'M in control, but we all know that God really is the one who is paving the way each day. I made a promise to myself and to God that this time, I would LISTEN to Him and let Him just LEAD us on this. After praying about it, I felt a peace that I cannot explain as I gave all my worries to Him and was faithful that, no matter what happened, He would take care of us and that even though our life might change a bit, it was His PLAN for us.

I am so proud of Chris for diligently getting busy at job hunting, interviewing, networking, and getting himself out there quickly to not waste any time. He has impressed me more now than ever in our marriage as I got to watch him "work" from home. I never knew just how organized, thorough, and determined he was when he'd set goals for himself. I've learned a lot about him during his time at home with me. He's going to make a fine employee at his new job. He's very excited to get back to work (and away from the endless home projects I have him doing here... ha ha.)

I just wanted to post this to give all the GLORY to God for taking care of us during uncertain times and for watching over us. I could write for days about all the blessings we've received during this time, which are no coincidence at all, but directly related to all the prayers that have been said on our behalf by our loved ones. We have gotten so much family time together, we took two vacations (which were planned and paid prior to the job loss,) we completed tons of projects around the house while Chris was home, and pulled closer than ever to our Lord which is what God really wants from us anyway. I always look back at difficult times in my life with no regrets, because on the flip side, you always begin to discover what it was God was preparing you for as one of His servants. Praise to God for blessing my family, and thank you friends for your prayers and support.

Love, Karen

Thursday, May 21, 2009

We're Back!

So, I know I'm terrible lately about updating this blog, but things have been busy around here lately. Since our last update (Disney Trip) we had Anna Kate's 4th Birthday, her dance recital, Aunt Sherra's baby shower, Mother's Day and much more. Our family is doing great. We are excited about our baby girl who'll be arriving sometime in mid-August. We've already named her: Kinley Elizabeth Elliott. We're currently working on getting her room ready so that we won't be finding ourselves so busy at the last minute. Chris painted the nursery today and I'm excited to start the decorating! I've been blessed to have Chris home a lot lately, as his help with all the projects I've got going has been priceless. He has been off of work since February, but God has blessed him with lots of new doors opening. He's interviewing for jobs every week and we're hoping that the right one will come along soon. I'm impressed at how he's treated his job search like a "job" and has been so diligent every day with furthering the process. I never realized how organized the man was until I started seeing him in action every day. I will miss him when he goes back to work, but am excited about whatever new opportunity the Lord has in store for him. I think he's excited to begin something new, as well. As for me, not much has occupied my mind other than getting ready for baby Kinley, spending as much time with Anna Kate as I can while we await baby's arrival, and trying to get some of these houses I have listed SOLD before Kinley gets here! Although, the economy has turned our job situation upside down for now, the Lord has taken care of us and blessed us every step of the way. He is in control of the situation and we give praise to Him for all of the blessings that we've enjoyed during this time, most especially the amount of family time we've all had together lately. Anna Kate and I are spoiled having Chris around so much because he takes such good care of BOTH of us. Chris is facing some final rounds of interviews this upcoming week for some companies he's interviewed with, so please keep him in your prayers as he continues this process. We are at peace knowing that God has a plan for us in this. Our latest pics that I'm posting here are from some of the fun things we've done lately: fishing with Anna Kate, Sherra's baby shower, and Anna Kate's dance recital. Enjoy!