Friday, October 31, 2008

Anna Kate plus 1 2-Liter of Sunkist= Destruction!

OK. So, again I'm TRYING to do a little work from home yesterday afternoon. I'm in the office at home and she's watching (or so I thought) Yo Gabba Gabba (what an annoying kids show, by the way!) Downstairs I hear a crash and a spewing noise. "Hmmm" I think, "better go check on this." "Anna Kate" I say, "is everything okay?" "Yes, mommy, everything is fine!" she yells back...... but it doesn't sound fine as I still hear hissing and spewing noises coming from downstairs. I walk downstairs and meet her at the bottom where I see her eyes as big as golfballs and in my peripheral vision see orange shooting across the kitchen. I run into the kitchen and there's what looks like the Old Faithful Geyser at Yellowstone National Park right in the middle of my kitchen, except its REALLY a 2 Liter Orange Sunkist drink with the top exploded off and orange spraying all over EVERYTHING in my kitchen. There's orange drink in the floor, on the cabinets, on the counters, the appliances, all the way across the kitchen on the glass table, running into the pantry, and worst of all, at least a liter of it is UNDER my refrigerator. It took over an hour to clean it all up. There's no picture of it here, because it was an emergency cleanup and there was no time, nor was I in the mood for a picture at that moment. I asked Anna Kate, "How did this HAPPEN???!!!!!" She replied, "I don't know Mom, it just jumped out of the frugerater."

Monday, October 27, 2008

This blog post is dedicated to all the work-from-home mothers out there...

Since I work primarily from home selling real estate, I have the opportunity to be at home with my little darling most of the time, with the exception of a few mornings she spends at moms-day-out. Most people who know Anna Kate know that she is constantly putting on some kind of show for anyone who'll watch. Either it is a rock show (see earlier posts,) a cooking show, pretending to be a dance teacher, an acrobatics show, etc, etc.... you get the idea. On this particular day, while I'm on the phone with an attorney all day trying to tie up loose ends on a real estate closing, Anna Kate is coming into my office riding on what she calls "elephant horse" and performing various acts. First a comedic session where she tells her one and only joke, "What kind of monster likes to dance?...... The Boogey Man!" Then a dancing show where she does what she calls the "Too Coo Pango" dance, then she rides out on "elephant horse" and comes back to climb up the back of my office chair and tries to sit on my head! Thankfully, most of the attorneys, loan officers, and other Realtors I work closely with know about Anna Kate because they are used to hearing her singing in the background, so they ask me how my "little assistant" is doing. So, for all those work-from-home moms who wipe hineys while doing business, I know your challenge. I wouldn't trade getting to have my little girl home with me, however, for the world.

Riding into my office on "elephant horse"

Showing me what she calls her "Too Coo Pango" dance (Have no idea what Too Coo Pango is!?!)

Telling her one and only joke she knows.."What kind of monster likes to dance? The Boogey Man!!!"

Riding back out of my office on the "elephant horse"

Trying to climb on my head...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Last Friday night, we celebrated my dad's 60th birthday at my house. I think my dad looks great for 60! My mom, Jacob, and Jared all came over to have steaks with us and we had a great time. Anna Kate LOVES for Jake and Jared to come play. She made Jared stay upstairs in the playroom with her the whole time. They are so sweet to her.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A typical afternoon at our house

Anna Kate spends most afternoons changing clothes, over and over and over again. I never know what is clean or dirty because we go through about 5 or 6 outfits (and/or costumes, Sunday clothes, bathing suits, etc) per DAY. It is something that she enjoys, so I let her do it, despite the effort it takes to collect the clothing around the house at the end of the day. It is one of those things that makes Anna Kate.... Anna Kate. On this particular day, she had chosen a costume to wear for the afternoon and was putting on a rock show for me on the steps when Daddy came home. Daddy decided that he wanted to take a turn with the guitar, and as you can see, she was in NO MOOD to share the stage that day!

State Fair - Yes, that is me in a teacup!!!

We went to the State Fair last weekend in Pelham and had a really fun time with Anna Kate. For those who know me, you KNOW I must really love my child to ride in a teacup with her. She was too small to ride alone. I normally vomit on these types of rides so I immediately tried to move us to another ride, but her mind was made up that we HAD to ride this one. I somehow managed not to get sick this time!

Daddy's Birthday

Last week was Chris's 32nd birthday and we celebrated at our house. Can you guess who enjoys the birthday cake the most?