Saturday, September 13, 2008

First Day of Dance Class

Anna Kate LOVED going to Mrs. Lynn's dance class. In fact, she's asking me every day, "Is today the day we go to dance?" I was the only mommy in there snapping pictures, but Lynn was nice to let me have a few minutes to grab some photos of the class before she shut the door and started class. I wanted so badly to see the little girls dancing in there, but they have a "no Moms in the class" policy that I think is VERY SMART of Mrs. Lynn. Prior to starting class that night, we spent the entire day all over town looking for a black leotard to fit Anna Kate. Everyone had them, just not in her size. It was the first time I realized what all my mom must have gone through when I was taking dance, piano, softball, and my sister was a head majorette at the high school, and my brothers played baseball (ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!) She was a true Supermom. We "kept the road hot" as my dad always said... ha ha. I don't know how she kept track of everything with all 4 of us! Anyway, we're off to a good start now with our first official extracurricular activity.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our little dancer...

Anna Kate has convinced us that she's now a ballerina. Last week she got her very own dancing attire, complete with 'real' ballet shoes and a sparkly bag. She also has some pink tights that she INSISTS on wearing every time, despite the fact that they are WAYYYY too big for her. Doesn't bother Anna Kate though... she just pulls the tights WAYYYY up high and makes a full outfit out of them. Genious, huh. Well, I thought that would be enough for right now, but now Memaw and Nana are pushing dance lessons so we're probably going to start dance lessons really soon. We've already made the call to Mrs. Lynn to find out about enrollment.... so stay tuned. Personally, I think Anna Kate is more of a hip-hop kind of girl (she loves to shake the bootie and break it down for us;) and even Aunt Sherra describes Anna Kate's dancing as "like Elaine on Seinfeld" for those of you who remember that Seinfeld episode (ha ha.) Nevertheless, we're going to try ballet and tap and see if she's star material.